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Aztech offers state of the art Ground Penetrating Radar to perform non-invasive subsurface investigations. Aztech combines low rates with the highest level of professionalism to make it the leader in GPR Services in Southern Nevada.

Aztech knows that working in concrete poses many threats. It’s vital to know where utilities, post tension cables, rebar, etc., are to ensure both worker safety and public safety. Aztech’s GPR service helps clients know what’s under the surface of the concrete. It is done in real-time and does not require the evacuation of the property or a large safety zone to protect the public.

Aztech conducts quick and efficient GPR inspections of floors, slabs, beams, decks, in floor heating systems, ceilings, pylons, bridges, and more. Aztech’s larger units are able to locate buried utilities under asphalt or concrete to a depth of 15 feet. Learn More +


Aztech uses Non-destructive Testing (NDT) for the inspection of materials and components in order to determine if they comply with its customers specifications, code requirements, or to find out if they are defective. It is also used to determine coring locations.

By virtue of its ability to detect discontinuities and assess materials NDT has become Aztech’s primary toolset in locating performance-degrading conditions such as cracking, distributions of voids, inclusions, and unbonded or poorly welded surfaces. Aztech personnel has over 60 years of experience in all aspects of NDT.

Aztech offers: Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Radiography (X-ray), Dye Penetrant Testing, Positive Material Testing, and Visual Testing services. Our experience, mobile capability, safety record, and our responsive and professional staff set us apart as the leader of NDT services in Southern Nevada. Learn More +


Aztech’s experienced Field Technicians and Special Inspectors are qualified to inspect soil, asphalt, and concrete, in addition to reinforced, pre-stressed, and post-tensioned steel, structural steel welding, high strength bolting, structural masonry, fireproofing, piling, shotcrete, & EIFS.

Project Managers and Field Technicians review drawings & specifications before services begin so they understand the project with an emphasis on testing frequencies & special requirements.

Aztech tests & inspects according to The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), ACI, API, ASME, ASTM, AWS, The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), UBC, the US Army Corps of Engineers, & more. Learn More +


Aztech’s laboratory focuses on accurate & quality materials testing. It is accredited by the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) for soil, aggregates, concrete, & asphalt.

Consistent and constant review of laboratory procedures and test results is foremost. To assure quality, our materials testing laboratory participates in external audits administered by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and AASHTO.

Our Field Technicians coordinate closely with our Laboratory Technicians in order to record and log every sample so that meticulous sample management, storage, and testing requirements are provided for every project.

Aztech’s experienced staff is knowledgeable and qualified to perform tests according to the required methods and procedures. Learn More +

Aztech is a full-service materials testing and special inspections company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We emphasize superior client service. We understand the necessity for prompt, accurate test results and the value of knowledgeable Field Technicians and Inspectors.