Radiographic Testing (X-ray)

Radiographic Testing (RT) or X-ray is one of Aztech’s most common approaches to visualizing the internal structures of components, materials and assemblies. This approach requires a source of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate the item being examined during exposure (the time the item is illuminated by the radiation). Aztech examines the requested materials for the presence of internal discontinuities, induced discontinuities (such as welds), and time-dependent degradation, such as corrosion, cracking and environmental damage. Aztech’s RT or X-ray testing provides the following advantages:

  • Can easily locate internal structural discontinuities using visual comparison with known geometric features of the test object.
  • Is applicable to most classes of materials.
  • Is considered by many to be the most universal approach to volumetric examination.
  • Yields a visual rendition of internal voids and fabrication errors that is readily interpretable.
  • Provides a permanent record of the inspection, including evidence of the sensitivity of the test when image quality indicators (IQs) are used.