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Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar

Aztech combines low rates with the highest level of professionalism to make it the GPR leader in Southern Nevada.

Aztech knows that working in concrete poses many threats. It’s vital to know where utilities, post tension cables, rebar, etc., are to ensure safety. Aztech’s GPR service is done in real-time and does not require the evacuation of the property or a large safety zone to protect the public.

Aztech conducts efficient GPR inspections of floors, slabs, beams, decks, ceilings, pylons, bridges, and more. Aztech’s larger units are able to locate buried utilities under asphalt or concrete to a depth of 15 feet.

  • Aztech has more experience in Southern Nevada conducting GPR Testing than any other firm
  • Aztech offers full 3d rendering services as part of the inspection review
  • All technicians have both factory training and in house certification of all equipment

Professionals in Southern Nevada who are involved in concrete services such as coring and cutting, depend on on Aztech’s reliable GPR services.